7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Pets This Halloween

Row of Cats and Dogs in Halloween Costumes

There are a lot of amusing and remarkable facts about Halloween that is not known to many people. The history of Halloween begins in early times when the Celts were living on the British island. The Pagan chart had October 31st marked as the final day of the year called Samhain. Celtic priests named Druids honoured their god of death, known as Samhain, on the night of the 31st. The Celtic inhabitants believed that the souls of the dead would rise on this night dressed in costumes to scare them away; in the meantime, the Druid clerics would blaze large flames on this night. After the Roman Kingdom gained control of the region Samhain. They turn it into a harvest event honouring the female deity Pomona, the goddess of fruits and gardens. The apples were considered holy at this time, and this was ultimately where the tradition of bouncing apples originated. Hence with the rise of Christianity tradition of Halloween started.

Halloween can be a dangerous time for pets. As Halloween gets nearer, evenings become gloomier, and with that, occasionally odd behaviours can happen. There are some people that through this period of the year get some satisfaction by harming animals, mainly cats, and other small pets. Whatever it is, it is best to keep your kitty and other little pets in the home as soon as it gets dark. Every Halloween brings the loud cracks and sound of firework, scary outfits and customs, and dark, foggy conditions. All of these factors make it a terrifying night, especially for pets like cat and dogs. Now Picture how your pet would feel in such a time. Definitely, pretty shocked and confused. In such a chaotic and unusual situation which is occurring all around them, pets will feel insecure and are likely to respond in surprising ways to these new events unfolding before them.

Magical black cat watercolor painting

There are several pet safety tips you should know before proceeding any further. Emergency health centre sees a noticeable rise in emergency cases during the time of this festival; do not allow your canine or kitten be one of these tragedies. For your pet safety, on this chaotic night, we’ve compiled a list of actions and safety precautions. You must follow them to make sure that your pets go through the Halloween safe.

Large Dog and Cat Trick-or-Treating

1. Safety from Toxic Eatables for pets keep your pets away from sweets. Dogs may develop a taste for such products. Chocolate is a well-known poison for dogs. A poodle can be severely poisoned if it accidentally or deliberately ingests any chocolate. Chocolate has a synthetic sweetener found in gum and toffees only. Keep your dog away from such products, and keep your pet under your supervision the entire time. In case your dog has accidentally touched any electrical equipment you must take him immediately to a nearby vet.

2. Loud noises on Halloween, such as screaming kids or too many cheers, can fright your pets. If your dog has any sort of apprehension around little kids, or show a strong reaction to loud noises, you must keep him in a separate enclosed space. It is best to keep the cats away from all the noise and annoying disturbances during the festival.

3.Pet costume safety is becoming more significant as many dog and cats are being clothed on Halloween. You must be sure and confident that the outfit doesn’t limit your pets from any movement and should not restrict its sensory functions in any way. A piece of advice is to check their custom/outfit before the event and see how your pet reacts to that particular outfit before trying out on the big occasion. The last thing you wish for is an emergency visit to animal examiner due to a costume.

4.Fire Safety Candles are fire hazards for pets. Although, candles give an ornamental look on such occasions and lighting up your house and your backyard with colourful candles is good. Make sure that your dog doesn’t catch fire. Make sure that the candles are on a heat resistant surface, and not reachable by the pet.

5.Confined Rooms Always keep your pets in a separate room, far from the front door. Opening the doors on such a night is not suitable for your pet safety. Dogs and kitties may want to rush outside as soon as the noise or celebrations begin and can get missing in noise and crowd.

6.The hazard of Electric Equipment Makes sure all the electric equipment out of reach of pets. Kittens and dogs love to chew, especially when they are tense. Keep them away from electrical sockets. It can result in severe electric shock.

7.Collars for Identification Final big suggestion would be to have a proper recognition or indication on your pets. In case you’re pet run out or become lost on streets, become frightened with noise, adequate identification can help get your pet or poodle back. You can use the name mark around their neck or any markings that can be easily identified if they get lost.

Final Words

Halloween is destined to be an occasion of celebration and excitement for kids. In summary, make sure that your pet, especially dog and cats stay as far as possible from all kinds of sweets. Keep your pets limited to their room or space. But do not just let all of your time in supervising the pet, it is good for you as well to go out and have some fun as well after all its is Halloween.

Halloween can be stressful for any pet, so you must follow all the instructions in the Article to prevent any harm and danger to your kitten or dog. You must take have safety measures taken before Halloween and consider all the factors so that you don’t miss out any fun and at the same time. Keeping your pet out of harm ways.

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