Michelle McHugh (Chairwoman) & her Bichon Frise Dexter

ABOUT US – 2020 the year of your pet 

As a pet care group established in 2004 Pet Food Store have developed and grown both organically on the highstreet and digitally to become one of the most innovative  and diverse pet group groups in the world, but our loyalty has always been to our customers and their pet’s.

Michelle McHugh the companies chairwoman has helped to steer the growth market sectors of products and services by dedicating resources to customer focused administration teams and intelligent digital retail systems that learn about your pets life cycle and how we as a company can bring our relationship with our customers and thier pet’s closer to be a part of the family.

“We are trusted by thousands of pet owners and in return we have invested in our customers needs for quality goods and services at affordable costs” Michelle say’s

Michelle Continues – “From my time directing our multi practice veterinary surgeries and within our grooming salons, we have talked to our customers and have learn’t one thing? their loving pet’s come first! But in a financial climate that restricts some families to limited resources to treat and care for their pet’s we have taken the decision to make everything we produce and sell to be as affordable as we can make it.

“We don’t have premium upgrades? We have premium customers and their pet’s”

We compliment all customers with a loyalty scheme that really rewards your pet with exclusive services unrivalled within the industry and a comprehensive selection of pet care necessities and accessories delivered direct to your door at the click of a mouse. 

We are making 2020 the year of your pet by offering 10% discount for a whole year on all (RRP) to help all pet owners afford the best choice of healthcare and pet care products.


15% discount of all (RRP) for a whole year the countdown starts now…