Everything you need to know about Airedale Terriers

Airedale Terrier dog

The most significant participant of the terrier group, the Airedale Terrier, is recognized by the dog lovers as the King of Terriers. However, they can also be easily known as the King of Hearts as they are famous for their broad versatility, unswerving loyalty, intelligence, and size.

The Airedale Terriers were developed in their native England as a hunter and companion for the Yorkshire’s working-class citizens. They are loved all over the globe for their abilities in police forces, the buck blind, the military, the Red Cross, and other areas. You can also keep them in your home.

History of Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is a comparatively recent breed. They appeared for the first time in the second half of the 19th century when people of Yorkshire crossed Otterhounds and smaller terriers to generate a giant terrier with the capability to take the water in river valleys. They became famous in WWI when they assisted in both the German and British armies. Airedales terriers were recognized for their skill to survive major wounds and still carry the messages. They also contributed as ambulance dogs; they helped save many lives by locating the injured soldiers among the fatalities on the battleground.

After the war, they earned a lot of fame. Many presidents and other big names owned and appreciated Airedale Terriers for its intelligence, adaptability, and courage.

With the fame of movies starring Strongheart and Rin Tin Tin, both Lassie, and German Shepherds, a rough-coated Collie, the Airedale Terrier failed to maintain his title as the most famous dog in America. They ranked 46th with 3431 dogs registered in the individual registration that year and ranked 60th in the litter registrations. Nowadays, you can find them in almost every place around the earth with active fancies in Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Airedale Terrier

How do they look?

They are average-sized dogs with males having a height of nearly 23 inches, and they weigh around 65-70 pounds. Bitches can be an inch shorter and weight approximately 5-10 less than the male dogs.

The legs and body of an Airedale must make a square shape with their length equal to the height at their shoulders from the front of their chest to their buttock. All of the Airedale Terriers are reddish tan or dark in colour with a grizzle or black back that usually reaches from high on the over their tail and body.

They have a double coat with dense, hard, stiff outer hairs on a soft base coat. You will also find long hairs on the nose, which is known as a beard, and all over the length of their legs. The fur must not be curly; however, a wave or slight crinkling, particularly on the lumber, is beautiful.

Hand-stripping is essential to keep the proper texture and colour in the fur. It is simple to learn the hand-stripping; however, it takes time to achieve. An experienced groomer can also charge you 100s of dollars to make a show-quality coat, a process that includes numerous treatments for nearly three months. Because of this, a lot of owners have their dogs clipped by professionals and agree to take the lightening of colour and softening of the fur.

The ears of Airedale fold forward on their long head with big black-brown eyes and big dark nose. Airedale’s tail is nearly 2/3rd of its total length. So, the tip of their tail is equal with their long head when they stand alert and erect.

Temperament of Airedale

The fanciers say that they are the only breed that babysits because of their loyalty and safety shown to the kids of the family. They are the best watchdog and can be trained to do all kinds of duties that a police dog performs.

The Airedale Terriers also have a rich vein that both exasperates and amuses the dog owners. Usually, a failure while training results in a behaviour that is so funny that the dog owner and everybody watching will start laughing. Regrettably, this breed Is such a show-off and ham that the owners might have to face different problems from a dog that would instead perform for fun than learn and perform the planned action.

They are also known for their intelligence and ability to learn things quickly; however, they are loyal to their terrier heritage and can be stubborn or unforgiving of bad treatment. The best thing to win their heart is consistent, and firm training – punishments or rough handling will not help you in any way. Hard training practices will not bring positive results as they are more robust than any of the trainers.

airedale terrier

What is it like to have Airedale Terrier as a pet?

The modest size of the Airedale Terrier brands them fit for city life and conurbations along with the rural areas. They do need to exercise regularly, so a surrounded lawn or a long walk daily is essential. The Airedale Terrier inheritance styles them daring with other breeds of dogs, and none of the dogs will accept defeat from a fight, so active control of leash is essential when you take them for a walk around some public place. Giving an Airedale the liberty of a loose rope can consequence in tragedy if they have other dogs around them.

Initial socialization and exercise are essential to bringing about the leading terrier nature in a 50-60-pound body, so it’s significant to look for a professional dog breeding expert who not just does the proper health monitoring for the breed type, but similarly selects breeding the dogs for nature and starts the socialization procedure from the time they are whelped.

If you are looking for protectiveness, loyalty, humour, and strength and can also accept the requirement for hard yet generous discipline, grooming expenses, and a dog who demands companionship and exercise, there might be an excellent handsome Airedale Terrier in the future. In case you’ve children, do not have enough time to train them, are impatient, are bodily weak, or you are unable to show your authority on a mentally healthy dog, you should consider Airedale Terrier before you buy them.


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