How To Choose The Right Pet For Your Family

Choosing which pet

Adding a pet to your family is an interesting prospect most pet lovers look forward too. This is because pets such as cats and dogs, enrich our lives in different ways, and provide emotional support.

For many kids, pets are their family best friend and companions, which does not only provide unconditional love but teaches them about loyalty, responsibility, and friendship.

However, when choosing a pet for your family, it is vital to pick one that matches your family lifestyle, need, and financial stand. This is because pets are not temporary playmate to your kids; they are lifetime family members that depend on you for everything.

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Factors to consider when choosing a pet for your family

The first step towards choosing a pet is to take a look at your lifestyle and determine the type of animal that matches your current family need. Other factors to consider when choosing a pet include.

  • Breed: As parents, you want your kids to be safe. Therefore you must consider a breed that is safe for your kids. Although all dogs have the potential to bite, however, the best dog for your kids is one that is socialized, sterilized, and have received the right human training and attention.
  • Age: You also need to determine if you need a puppy, a senior pet, or an adult. Try to weigh the pros and cons of each age category. For instance, most families tend to opt for puppies and kitten because they are safer and fun to be with. However, pets in this category require lots of attention. Seniors, on the other hand, are well behaved, but they have lots of medical challenges. The best type of pet for a family with kids is a friendly adult animal and has a history of getting along with children.
  • Family Needs: It is also vital to consider your family need when choosing a pet for your family. This is because these pets will live and interact with other members of your family and not you alone. Also, take out time to discuss responsibilities and let your kids know who feeds the pet and whose responsibility it is to take him or her on a walk.
  • Costs: Adopting a pet comes with an extra cost. This is one factor most pet owners do not put into consideration. However, pets need veterinary care, food, and annual check-ups. One way to mitigate these expenses is by opting for a pet insurance scheme.
  • Exercise requirements: Pets need good exercise to stay healthy at all time. Many pet owners overfeed their pets and do not create adequate time for exercise. To avoid obesity, it is vital to create at least 2 to 3 hours daily to get your pet exercised by taking them for a walk or engaging them in other forms of exercise.
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Finally, when choosing a pet for your family, it is vital to consider all the factors listed above. Also, speak with a veterinarian or an animal shelter adoption counsellor who can help you choose the right type of pet for your family.

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