How To Entertain Your Dog On A Rainy Day

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Rain or shine, your dog needs exercise and relies on you to help them stay physically and mentally fit. While a rainy day can ruin the outdoor activities you’ve lined up for your dog, you can find as much fun inside as outside as there are tons of things you can do to keep your pet entertained. Here a few dog entertainment ideas to get things rolling.

Tug of war

Tug of war is one of the easiest ways to entertain your dog on a rainy day because you don’t need a lot of room to play in. All you need is a tough rope and your dog’s attention for the indoor game to begin. Apart from keeping your dog entertained, tug of war is also a great way to exercise your dog physically and mentally – just remember to consistently let your dog know that the game stops if its teeth touch your hand.

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Hidden treats

Hiding treats for your dog to find using only his nose is a fantastic game for his mind and body. Initiate the game by hiding a treat somewhere obvious and then show your dog where the hidden treat is with excitement. Then give him cues to find other treats and watch your dog investigate the house for the hidden treasures. Place the treats in locations where they can be found so they won’t get too discouraged to search.

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Hide and seek

In this game, there are no treasures to find because you’re now the treasure. You will need a partner to give the dog the sit so you can run off and hide somewhere around the house. Take a treat with you so you can reward your dog when it finds you. As soon as you’re ready, your partner should set the dog free and encourage them to find you. This game is a fun way to spend a rainy day with your pet.

Doggie play date

Like children, most dogs have playmates and scheduling a rainy play date can help your dog have a good time with its counterparts. Before you invite your dog’s pal(s), make sure you’ve chosen a safe place for the dogs to play in. As you might know, dogs play can be quite wild, so you want to hide all breakables and valuables.

Stairs workout

If you’re always inside with your dog, they might not get the regular amount of physical exercise it needs. But if you have stairs in your house, you can make the most of it by having your dog follow you up and down it. Alternatively, you can stand at the top of the stairs and toss a ball down so your dog can retrieve it. However, before you play this game, consider your dog’s breed as this game increases the risk of hip dysplasia in some breeds.

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Watch TV

After a nice playtime, there’s nothing better than relaxing with your pet and catching up on a few shows. Some dog experts opinion that dogs show interest in shows that are shot low to the ground and shows that depict animals. Your dog won’t mind some time to snuggle up to you and watch the TV with you.

Keeping your dog entertained doesn’t only help stimulate your pet mentally and physically; it can also keep them from inventing their fun with your shoes, books, and furniture.

Dog toys

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