How To Keep A Rabbit Healthy And Happy

Brown lop eared bunny rabbit eating green grass

Keeping your pet healthy and happy at all times should be a priority of every rabbit owner. Therefore, before adopting a rabbit into your home, it is vital to note that rabbits require proper attention to remain healthy and happy.

They must be monitored while eating, and you must also take time to check for signs of illness and injuries at least twice weekly. Also investigate their breeds, physical features, inherited disorders, and other things that can cause suffering or reduce the quality of their life.

Nine ways to keep your rabbit happy and healthy

  • The right diet: Rabbits require the right diet to stay healthy and happy. Usually, they enjoy eating grass which helps to prevent dental or gut diseases
  • Check for signs of illness: Rabbits feel pains but do not display outward sign. Therefore it is vital to check their skin, furs, body, and tails twice-daily. Also, note that changes in behaviors could also be a sign of pain and illness. 
rabbit vet
  • Neutering: Rabbits require constant neutering. Un-neutered female rabbits are at high risk of developing womb cancer while all un-neutered rabbits are more likely to fight.
  • Annual veterinary check-up: It is vital to take your rabbit for a veterinary  check-up annually. During this check-up, the vet doctor carries out adequate treatment for external/internal parasites and also vaccinates the rabbit against myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic disease. If possible, you can also consider pet insurance to cover all veterinary treatment.
  • Constantly inspect their teeth and nails: It is vital to check their front teeth and nails weekly; this is because their nails and teeth grow very fast, and rabbits are vulnerable to dental infections.
  • Encourage lots of exercises: Rabbit needs a good amount of exercise to stay healthy at all times. Lack of exercise could lead them to develop a condition called Gl Statis, which is harmful to their digestive system.
rabbit teeth
  • Address safety hazard around your home: If you have an outdoor or indoor rabbit, it is vital to address safety hazard around your home and also protect against damage. You can start by covering all electric cables with wire covers and protecting the legs of your wooden furniture using plastic corner protectors.
  • Stay aware of the weather: If you have a rabbit that lives outdoor or indoor, then you need to be aware of the weather conditions. A swift change in temperature can affect your rabbit. During cold weather, consider bringing your pets inside the house.
  • Train your rabbit: You can also train your rabbit minds and stop them from going through boredom. You can teach them new tricks; use treats like carrots to get them to respond to commands.

Finally, getting your rabbit to be healthy and happy at all times does have to cost you a lot. With the tips listed above, you can get your furry friend happy at all times.

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