Introduction to Afghan Hounds

Afghan hound

The Afghan Hound is different and famous, with their own streak of freedom. If you are searching for a dog to form a strong bond with, then this might not be your best option because they love being independent.

Temperament and Personality of the Afghan Hounds

The Afghan Hounds are agile, loyal, and intelligent and need proper exercising to stop them from transforming into destructive pets. It is better if you have a big backyard to let them play. However, you must make sure that the fence is durable and high enough because they are strong and jump great heights.

However, they can get stressed quickly, as well. When they are stressed, they can decline even to move and can also drop off to deep sleep until all of the stressful situations have passed. One more thing, their nose might run if they are sad about anything.

Their eyesight is much better than healthy human vision, and it is essential to train them in the best way to follow the commands, so they do not react to something that is far away and invisible to us.

According to the experts, this breed isn’t advised to keep as pets at home if you have cats because they have an excellent prey drive.

Afghan hound

History of the Afghan Hounds

The Afghan Hounds originate from Afghanistan’s mountain where their luxurious and long fur keeps them in the extreme cold weather. They are raised as hunting and shepherding dong because of their high speed, agility, and eyesight. They are very good at chasing ibex, hares, wolves, goats, snow leopards, and gazelle.

They are considered as one of the oldest dog breeds of the sighthounds, purity of their kind is mainly because of their loneliness in the mountains. The Afghan Hounds for forbidden from being exported to any place, and there are some drawings of the hounds in caves in Northern Afghanistan that date back nearly 4000 years with their discussion in an Egyptian papyrus.

The Afghans were familiarized with the British people at the end of the 18th century and start of 19th century by military officials when they were returning from army campaigns and rapidly produced an impression with their beautiful long hair because of their resemblance with human hair.

The two main types of the sighthounds that were brought out of Afghanistan are The Ghazni Strain or Mountain strain and the Afghan Hound (the Steppe strain or the Belle-Murray strain). The majority of the Afghans in America were from the Ghazni strain, and the Afghan’s that made their way to Australia were also from the Ghazni strain. These two strains are not mixed up and another new breed standard was written to accommodate this in 1948.

How easy it is to train them?

They are very famous amongst dog trainers because of their slow learning capability while training. If you look for the dogs based on their intelligence, you will not notice that Afghan Hounds are nowhere.

You will have to give the command 80 to 100 times to reach an accuracy of 25% or even less. Oddly though, cheers to their cleverness and perceptive skills nevertheless, Afghans excel at dog quickness tests.

Protection of Afghan Hounds

They are one of the best guard dogs. The Afghan Hounds are very observant, are faithful to their owners and wary to the other people. The males seem to be less protective than females. Their ferocious and loud bark is more than enough to keep the burglars outside. So, you can keep them to keep your home secure.

How to groom the Afghan Hounds?

It is no surprise that these dogs need a sufficient amount of time for grooming. Afghan hounds have silky, long, and very luxurious fur, which needs to be groomed twice or more every week. Although, the experts suggest to groom them once a day.

Leaves, twigs, and other things can get stuck in their long fur easily. You must get rid of anything that you see in their hair immediately. In case the Hound does get the coat matted, then all you need to do is gently brush or use your hands to pull apart the fur.

You should never cut the matting from the Afghan Hound’s hair. This breed is single coated, and because of this, they usually don’t have any because shredding problems like the double coated. You can also compare the human hair and Afghan’s hair; you will notice that the issues are almost the same.

What are Health Considerations for them?

They are usually a very healthy breed, but they have very little tolerance for any pain, and the smallest problem can be changed into a massive thing for them. They are also very sensitive to anaesthetic because of the low levels of fat in their bodies.

Portrait of Afghan hound dog

The Afghan Hounds are usually reported to go through all of the disease mentioned below:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Chylothorax

Are Afghan Hounds good family dogs?

The Afghan Hounds can be excellent family dogs because of their loving and friendly nature. Regardless of their freedom, they can be very faithful, and they like to play and have fun all day.

The puppies of Afghan Hounds can be socialized with kids of almost all age groups. If you are considering an older dog to your family, then it is better if you have older kids.

If your Afghan Hound had other family pets around while growing up from an early age, they are best suggested to be kept as the only pet or must be kept with pets of the same size. They have CEOexcellent prey drive and because they are terrible at recalling, so it is best to keep all of the other small animals at a safe distance when you are going out. You should also follow these dogs on the lead, especially when you are going for a walk.

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