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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself”

With every day passing, more and more people are turning towards dogs in seek of a friend, a comrade and a living being who will care for them and their feelings. Dogs have always been a loyal and caring creature and these two traits are the most loveable and fascinating ones in a dog that a Human looks for, and maybe that’s the reason why they raise them.

There are roughly 7 kinds of dogs, depends upon their nature and trait. Some of them are breaded, some of them are sporting, some non-sporting or Terrier. Each one of them has their particular specification and each one of them comes with a unique trait, and it’s their diversity that makes them so unique.

As mentioned there are almost 7 kinds of Dogs, these Kinds are directly related to what they do things, how they do things and when they do things. If we were to observe all of them and their trait then it will take a lot of time and a bigger article, so instead, we focus on one of them. So today in this article we decided to guide you about Bearded collie.

 What is A Bearded Collie?

Bearded Collie belongs to the herding breed of dogs. They are recognized by their long, thick, shaggy coats that form a beard at the muzzle, Bearded Collies can come in a variety of colors. You may see older Bearded Collies with white markings, but the breed is never born with them. Rather, white markings develop over time, due to a gene that causes Bearded Collies’ coats to fade. Because they have long, thick, shaggy coats, routine grooming and maintenance is a must.

Its history is made up of both facts and legend. Kazimierz Grabski, a Polish merchant, was so crazy about them that he actually traded a whole shipment of Grains for these polish lowland dogs.

The Beahavior of Bearded Collie?

The KC-registered Bearded Collie has fallen into disfavor with the shepherds of Wales, Scotland and elsewhere because of the show-breeding community’s lack of interest in producing “hardy and reliable” animals; show-bred lines tend to develop excessive coats, in particular. However, in some countries (notably Sweden and the United States) herding programs have been developed for the breed. The breed organizations in those countries actively encourage breeders to emphasize qualities other than appearance.

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The Life Span of Bearded Collie?

The medical Age of Bearded Collie forms various studies performed in the United States, Canada, and the united kingdom gives us an average life span of 12.8 years.  However, if we to take alone the united kingdom into account then its average life longevity goes as high as 13.2 years. It is not a constant number as it varies from time to place and place to place. Bearded Collie belongs to the breed of Purebred breeds whose life longevities are between 10-13 years so may that’s the reason its life span is also that long.

In a mutual study performed in the united kingdom, the united states and Canada say that almost 32% of the Bearded Collie dies before the age of 9 years. and this major cause for these deaths is accidents. The study also says that only 12% get to live a life of more than 14 years.

Other leading causes of Deaths are given below.

  1. 26% of them in the United Kingdom die because of old age
  2. 19% of them in the United Kingdom dies because of Cancer
  3. 9% of them in the United Kingdom dies because of cerebrovascular disease
  4. 8% of them in the United Kingdom dies because of Kidney failure
  5. 18% of them in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada dies because of Cancer
  6. 17% of them dies because of Cancer in the united states, Canada and the United kingdom combined.

Health Issues?

 They also suffer health crises, some chronic other not. Although they are healthy dogs and very unlikely to develop or endure any disease but still they are very likely to develop the 3 mentioned below.

  1. Hip Dysplasia

In this disease, your bearded collie will endure joint weakness, stiffness in the body and bone break pain. This disease’s primary cause and the source is Inheritable but some cases shoes that they can also be caused by rapid growth or by sustaining any injury.

  1. Allergies

Many dogs experience allergies to certain food products, products, like dog shampoo or flea treatments, or environmental allergens, like dust or pollen. If your dog experiences symptoms like itchy eyes or mouth, coughing, sneezing, or excessive drooling, your veterinarian can test for allergies.

  1. Hypothyroidism

Obesity, lethargy, and irregular heat cycles may signal hypothyroidism, a condition that affects the thyroid gland and its hormone production. It is possible to treat hypothyroidism with daily medications

The Appearance of Bearded Collie

GROUP:  Pastoral Group

SIZE: Medium-sized, measuring 21 to 22 inches from the shoulder (male) or 20 to 21 inches from the shoulder (female) and weighing between 45 and 55 pounds.

COAT AND COLOURS: Straight, coarse, and shaggy coat that comes in black, blue, brown, or fawn. Many Bearded Collies carry a gene that causes their coat color to as they age, resulting in faded coat colors or the development of white or silver markings.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 14 years

Bearded Collie’s Food

A Dog’s food has always been a question. what do they eat? what is best for them and how often shall we give them a specific food product? SO here’s a little guide about what you should give them and how often you should give them. so basically, Your dog’s diet depends largely on his or her age, activity levels, and metabolism, but generally, you can expect to feed your Bearded Collie one and a half to two cups of high-quality, high-protein dog food each day.

Like all dog breeds, Bearded Collies can become obese if they’re overfed and under-exercised. If you’re not sure how much to feed your Bearded Collie, talk to your veterinarian about the diet that’s right for your dog. And remember: Take it easy on the treats.

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