Introduction to Bearded Dragons

Central bearded dragon

Bearded dragons belong to the reptile class. They are gaining fame as petsand they are relatively cheap compared to other pets because they are available in a few areas due to excessive reproduction. They originated in Australia. Bearded dragons are considered omnivores and belong to Pogona genus of reptiles which is a different species of lizard. The life period of these species is approximately 8-10 years.

Their natural habitat is deserts, forests, and dry places. They are an omnivore and move underground when it is scorching weather. They mostly live in an isolated environment. They only interact to reproduce. A bearded dragon has visible black colour under their neck sometimes during threat and danger in this regard they are called bearded. This black colour under their neck indicates stress. Bearded dragons can easily be purchased at pet stores.

They have charming and distinguished looks, and they, as pets, do not require much care except when they are young. Bearded dragons have long tails and are easy to feed. As long as their needs are met, they can live a long life. Having a bearded dragon as a pet has certain benefits. But before purchasing a bearded dragon, you should talk to an expert or get advice other pet owner so that you can fully understand their necessities before deciding to get one.

A bearded dragon can be a good friend too. They make less mess than cats and dogs and are more intimate which helps to quickly develop a playful mood. Anybody wishing to keep bearded dragon should pursue books and sites devoted to their proper care. This article will help you in taking care of your pet.

Below are some of the requirements and needs of a bearded dragon.

Central bearded dragon

Proper Heat and Sunlight

Appropriate heat and sunlight are significant for all reptiles, especially the bearded dragons. They need daylight and suitable heat. You can get special light bulbs from pet stores and if possible, let it soak in sunlight. Both the factors are essential for their growth as well as for longer life.

Keep the temperature optimum too much sun heat can cause sunburns. They need daily sunlight to stay safe from health ailments and dangerous diseases. They require UV-A and UV-B light.

Diet and Water Requirement

The bearded dragon eats tons of different things, including insects, bugs, and grasses. They must be fed regularly. Provide water to your pet daily in a bowl. They are susceptible to digestive disorders, so it is advisable to feed them in small quantity. Mostly baby dragons are affected by it as compared to grown-up ones.

Aside from eating insects, bearded dragons also love green leafy vegetables, grass, and even fruits. Make sure to add these things in their diet as well. A proper combination of essential vitamins and nutrients are helpful for their growth and good health.

bearded dragon in a terrarium


Bearded dragons must be bathed weekly. A clean environment should be provided to them. Clean their containers, you will also need to wash their water bowls and food containers as well. Use a wet cloth to clean away all the dirt or fecal inside the enclosure. If possible, use warm water. Washing your hands before and after attending your pet is very important for your health as well as your pet’s.

Health Issues

Bearded dragons are prone to many diseases, and the main reason behind it is a nutritional deficiency in their diet. As they get old, they may also develop respiratory disorders and other severe ailments. These diseases affect them in many ways.

You must pay a weekly or monthly visit to the veterinarian for the excellent health of your pet. And thorough examination should be made, and recommendations needed to be followed with care.

Portrait of Bearded Dragon

Buying Your Pet

Always prefer a pet that has been breed in captivity, because it will easy to contain and keep such a pet. While purchasing a dragon, necessary care should be taken because some of them carry diseases so as a pet owner should be careful before making a purchase. Seek the advice of the experienced pet keepers about their conditions and general well being before you make a decision. It will be unhealthy to bring a diseased animal into your house. A sick dragon is an expensive investment for a pet owner.

Easy to Manage

Bearded dragon does not require extra care and attention. Their needs are simple, and they require a little time to socialize and bond and to get accustomed to a new environment. They are a cheap and inexpensive choice for a pet. All they need is your love and support. They are easy to handle and manage. Bearded dragons do not make a fuss, so if you are looking for a peaceful animal, beardies are an excellent choice as pets. Unlike other lizards, they sleep at night and stay awake during day time.


Housing for these species is essential, and before selecting bearded dragon, you must prepare a suitable enclosure. For a singular big bearded dragon, a 60-70 Gallon tank along with safe top covering is perfect. Little containers are ideal for baby dragons, but they grow so fast that soon they will run out of space. To save money, you must buy a tank that has at least 60-70 gallon capacity. As they are from dry areas, so they do not like humidity or moisture. You need to make sure a proper air circulation in their enclosing and let the moisture out.

female bearded dragon is sleeping in its terrarium and is lying


Raising a reptile which develops so quickly is an incredible feeling. If you feed them well, you’ll have a pet that will live a sound and healthy life, probably even more than ten years. An initial couple of weeks are a necessary period to bond. Beardies are incredible buddies and perhaps possibly the best pet an individual can have. By turning into a specialist pet keeper, you can best serve your pet within a considerable time.

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