Introduction to British Shorthair Cats

Front view of British shorthair cat, sitting

The English shorthair is usually referred to as a “teddy bear” cat due to round face and broad, furry covering. These are medium-to-large cats having a full chest and short hip and legs that make all of them appear muscular and sturdy. Males of the breed are bigger than females. Heights of these cats are up to 14 inches. Their weight ranges from 10-17 pounds and can live up to 20 years.

British shorthair felines have a large round head, eyes and paws, and even his tail has a circular tip. There is also a longhaired cat breed called the British Longhair. The only difference between British longhair and shorthair cat is the coat.

This particular cat has a curved tip. Having been once referred to as English green cat because it arrived only in this colour, nowadays the cat short, luxurious coats are available in many colours. Naturally, the British shorthair cat is somewhat unpredictable due to their diversified roots. They are wholly calm and easygoing pets overall.

British shorthair has many characteristics and traits that make it unique from any other cat breeds. It is a terrific choice for pet and enjoys the company of other human beings. It needs are simple, and it will not require much care from the owner. However, they are a few things that you need to keep in mind before adopting her.

Now we will discuss some of the characteristics of this cat and its needs before.

Woman combing a cute cat with a brush on the couch, close up

Grooming Needs

You must brush the British Shorthair at least once per week to take out loose hairs, but rigorous grooming will not be required. These pet cats shed a bit more in hotter weather.

The British shorthair plush coating is smooth to groom, and weekly brushing and cleaning are required to remove lifeless hair and distribute skin oils. You will need to clean the pet more regularly in the springtime and fall season when the cat sheds his coating more often.

The rest is usually primary treatment. Trim the nails weekly. Examine the ears each week for inflammation or a wretched smell that may indicate contamination. If the ear looks filthy, wipe all of them out with a wet cotton ball using a gentle facial cleanser recommended from your veterinarian. Clean the teeth regularly with vet-approved pet toothpaste for good general health and new breath. Begin brushing, toenail trimming and teeth scrubbing early so that your kitten turns into acceptance of this kind of activity.


You will discover almost no disease in these cats. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) does indeed manifest in a few lines. Nevertheless, it’s unusual. All cats and kittens have the potential to produce genetic health conditions, just as people inherit diseases and ailments. Any stock breeder who says that his breed is without health or perhaps genetic issues is lying. Do not buy kittens from breeders who do not guarantee the pet well-being. Usually, many breeders scam buyers and sell the cat which has specific health issues. Bringing such a cat in your home is not a good investment. It is also not a wise choice to introduce your disease infected cat to other pets.

Some of the British shorthair cats have haemophilia, a hereditary haemorrhage disorder. A DNA test has been developed that enables breeders to distinguish haemophilia M carriers affected kittens and cats.


British shorthairs happen to be excellent, peaceful housed animals and also react friendly when people approach them. They can be affectionate, intelligent and trainable and can bond quickly with the families. They generally go well with kids and adults.

Once attached, the British shorthair felines generally become emotionally involved with his human friend. The pet cat also follows you from place to place in the house, but the cat does not like if someone wants to carry her. British shorthair tends to enjoy with your family and is an excellent addition to your household. British Shorthairs usually move along very well with other cats and pets starting from puppies to rabbits and even wild birds.

Beautiful british cat portrait. Looking in camera. Big eyes.

Exercise Needs

Shorthair cats happen to be relatively tranquil. Playing with your cat and regular physical exercise helps in maintain the weight in pets, so they don’t get fat. An excellent physical activity brain activity and keeps the pet in a good mood.

So take time from your busy routine to play with your pet cat. You can also bring your pet cat toys and other playing items to keep the kitten busy and physically active.

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Choosing a British Shorthair Breeder

If you want a happy and healthy British shorthair kitten to spend a good time with the pet, you must research before adopting one. Find out more about the background, the character of the cat you are looking to take, or perhaps to discover breeders, do internet research find some useful information about the cat breeder and feline type.

A trustworthy sealer is sometimes challenging to find, but once you reach them, you can get the best pet without any issue. However, many cats are bred in isolated environments, kittens that brought up in such a remote environment may become afraid and skittish, and you may encounter difficulty in socializing with such cats.

Another way to find a good dog breeder is to search online. Plenty of reliable dog breeders have websites, so you stay informed who is an excellent and reputed breeder. All these measures will help you to connect with the superb breeder and give some good kittens that can be your lifelong companions.



Take your cat to the vet right after adopting. The animal medical practitioner will do a thorough check-up and will guide you through creating a precautionary routine that may help you avoid numerous health problems that can plague your kitten.

These are generally great household pets for persons who have a busy routine or stay outside the house for a longer duration. Because they are considerably more than cheerful to laze at home alone, and they are certainly not the type of cats that started to destroy things when they are bored.

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