Introduction To French Bulldogs

French bulldog lies and stares

The French Bulldog is a perfect companion pup, and the breed is muscular and small with massive bone structure, a smooth coat, a little face and trademark “bat” ears. They are loved because of their loving nature, and they are usually active and alert, but not loud unduly. Frenchies could be brindle, fawn, white.

If you are looking to get a French bulldog, there are certain things that you need to consider.

Basic Care

French Bulldogs don’t need a lot of care and grooming and generally prosper in small living rooms. They aren’t noisy & most of them have become a good friend with young and older people, though you will find individual variations as to how good they are with other pets. They shouldn’t be allowed to operate freely, and really should only be allowed outdoors in a fenced yard or on a leash. French Bulldogs must by no means be left unattended around water because they are weak swimmers and may easily drown because of their front-heavy structure.


French bulldogs do best in mild temperatures and really should be carefully supervised in both high and low-temperature ranges. Shivering or panting in Bulldogs is indications of excessive cold or heat exposure. In pleasant and/climates or perhaps humid conditions, turn on air-conditions inside your home.

french bulldog puppy on white isolated background


 Occasional cleaning keeps the coat gleaming, and cutting nail cutting is crucial for the well being of the dog. Regular cleaning of the ears and the deep facial folds shall prevent the sensitive areas from becoming irritated. Regular checking of the anal sacs can prevent specific health issues in dogs. Your veterinarian can help you on how best to look after the ear, skin folds up, and anal sacs as well. Maintaining a balanced weight is very crucial for dogs. Obesity can lead to many health issues in canines.

Health Concerns and Care

Look for a right vet, preferably person who is available and can offer your Frenchie with frequent checkups, regular vaccinations, assessments for digestive tract parasites, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick control. Your vet must do regular dental checkups as well, and you ought to clean your dog’s teeth regularly in the home as well.

The small face could make their deep breathing less effective than those of long-nosed breed of dogs, so Frenchies show less tolerance with the warm temperature and get stressed. Sunshine is good for French Bulldogs however excessive sun exposure can lead to issues in these breed of dogs.

If your pet appears to overheat in sunshine or perhaps become pressured very quickly, with noisy breathing and spitting up foam, seek advice from the veterinary. Anaesthesia can be riskier in short-faced dogs, so be sure your animal medical practitioner has experience with such bread of dogs.

Vet examining french bulldog puppy with stethoscope.
French bulldog puppy at veterinary.


The spine of the Bulldog demands special attention. Just like other little breeds, the French Bulldog could also have abnormal and vertebrae issues. All canines must have an intensive skeletal examination by a vet. Still, most Frenchies can safely take part in regular moderate exercise, which usually is vital to help significantly maintain a healthy body and excellent health.


A cage trained pup is simpler to housebreak. A puppy regards the crate as the den, a safe home and haven. If you were travelling, your dog is usually most secure in the container found in your automobile. It is also the right choice when you stay in hotels or perhaps visit other folks. If he ought to be ill or injured and have to be kept quiet, it is easier to contain him in a crate rather than out in the open. In heating areas, put chilling pads and freshwater in the container of your dog.

French bulldogs puppies


You can also think about training your puppy. However, you must consult the vet about the proper age of training your puppy. You can train a French bulldog’s many things and make him well-mannered. However, they are slow learners and need ample training to become a civilized pet.

Majority of French Bulldog breed is stubborn. However, they make an effort to please humans, especially their owners, and so are therefore very trainable with the correct motivation (usual food). Nowadays, many French Bulldogs compete very successfully in obedience, rally, speed, and some possess even carried out field function (tracking, coursing, herding). They are superb working companions and do what their owner says.

Spaying/Neutering or Mating?

 If you bought your French bulldog as a pet, you must check with your vet about the correct age intended for spaying/neutering.

In case you are considering mating your Bulldog and got it with the breeder’s knowing that you want to do this. Make sure that your pet fits well to the breed standard and have a good temperament, and should not be aggressive and shy.

Choosing the French Bulldog

If you are looking to buy a french bulldog, you must do proper research and know about the medical issues of dog breeding. The proper knowledge will help you to bond and socialize with your new pet companion. French bulldogs are very adorable, and cute dogs and they do not irritate their owner. However, they need proper care and attention. Do web research and many online websites provide excellent information about them. Knowing them well before bringing them home can help you in establishing a good relationship with him.

Group of French bulldogs in front of white background


They may be exceptional close friends to older people. French bulldogs could be a package of energy, yet they’re generally placid domestic pets. These animals certainly are a great addition to any family, but you need to know a whole lot about them before you make an effort to breed them. Make sure that you are up to the duty before you begin that process. In case you are, it could be probably the most gratifying things you can do.

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