Introduction to Parrots in the UK

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Feral Parakeets are not native species of UK. It has adapted itself into the environment of Britain. The wild parakeets or parrots mainly consist of rose-ringed parakeets, which is the native bird of Africa and India. Their history and origin are not known. But they are commonly thought to have bred from birds that escaped from captivity. They are present in the UK since the 19th Century.

The population of parakeet is high in suburban areas of London. They are also present in high numbers in south-east Britain. They are known as “Kingston Parakeets” due to the area they reside in London. The parakeets reproduce rapidly. It increased their population. They have spread beyond their local regions, and flocks have been seen in other parts of the country as well. There is a group of around 20 to 30 parakeets settled in Victoria Park, Glasgow. Other European countries also have a significant population of parakeets.

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Impact of Parrots in Britain

Some scientist is concerned with the increased population of parakeets. Their population in the south-east has grown. Their behaviour also becomes competitive, scientific research suggests. They compete with local birds for provision and nests. Parakeets are not aggressive by nature, but they deter smaller birds with an energetic attitude. However, British parakeets are not without natural predators. Bird’s experts have found that there is an increase in parakeet prey in London. Birds like sparrow hawks, falcons are involved in hunting parakeets.

In Britain, if you are looking to adopt parakeet or parrot, you must consider these things.

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Parrot

Parrots are magnificent and fascinating birds. However, they are also challenging to keep. If you want to adopt a parrot, here are things you should know.

1  Parrots are wild birds. They are not good domestic animals like cat and other pets. Cats and dogs grown in captivity prove great pets. But the same is not valid with parrots. The parakeets have many wild instincts. Either they are bred in captivity, or found in the wild. They will still have the same survival instincts.

2  Next thing you need to keep in mind is that dogs belong to the same species. So do many cats. Yes, there are few types, but not wide diversity in canines and kittens. But parrots have more than 350 species. If you are looking to adopt a parrot, you’ll need to study that specific species. Their requirements and other needs as well and adjust your routine accordingly.

3  Parrots are very intelligent species. Some of them can match the intelligence of 3-5 years of a human child.

4  Let us talk about some species of parrots and their life span. Some species of parrots like cockatiels can live 25-30 years, while some like amazons can live up to 100 years. So, adopting a parrot will require an extended commitment from you. If you think, the bird might outlive you. You will need to look for a future house for your pet bird after you are no longer around.

Caring For a Parrot

Here is some information about the care that parrots needs.

1  They are intelligent creatures and require considerable attention from the owner. You’ll have to spend some time associating with your parakeet. Also, arrange entertainment and physical activity for your pet. You can get toys, and radio also socializes him with your family members.

2  You need to realize that many parrots make a mess. You will have to clean the parrot’s cage, his play area, and any other part of the house where he likes to play. A parrot needs a well-balanced diet. It includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

3  You will also need to give the parrot a wild experience to polish his instincts. You can allow him to fly freely. This free flight is beneficial both mentally and physically for the parrot. Make necessary arrangements in your house as well. Before his arrival, keep those items out of his reach that is dangerous for birds. It will ensure his safety and well being.

4  If you already have other parrots in your home, you’ll undoubtedly have a head start in terms of knowing what to expect and what care is required. But, you’ll need to ask yourself how the new addition to your family will affect the birds you already have.

African Grey Parrot

Characteristics of Parrots

1  Parrots are vocal and loud creatures. In the wild parrots, use the same vocalization to stay in the flock, to aware of the danger. So, it is expected from parrots to make noise. Some parrots become less noisy with social interaction. Some of them also learn to speak languages.

2  Parrots are alert creatures and get tense quickly. Loud noises or sudden changes can have a bad influence on them. It requires you to keep the animal away from such unusual events.

3  Parrots have a sharp beaks-they chew, eat and pierce meal with these beaks. They also bite with beaks when they are terrified. In the wild, they use beaks to defend their area. Learn to read your general parrot behaviour and body language. It will make you more understanding of your pet needs.

4  Parrots have a sharp beaks-they chew, eat and pierce meal with these beaks. They also bite with beaks when they are terrified. In the wild, they use beaks to defend their area. Learn to read your general parrot behaviour and body language. It will make you more understanding of your pet needs. 

Colorful group of Macaws


Before you adopt a parrot, make sure you learn all the things to keep him happy and secure. The suggestions stated in the article are only the tip of the iceberg. Spend some time to know their nature. You can take the help of magazines, books as well as bird experts. You will need to specific requirements of particular parrot species you are looking to adopt.

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