Introduction to Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cat and kitten

The Ragdoll is a beautiful cat breed. It has blue eyes and has soft skins and silky furs. They remain relaxed and limp when someone tries to pick them. They are also obedient and friendly nature wise. They are the ideal choice for a pet, as they are social. They are known for their mild temperament.

American breeder Ann Baker developed Ragdolls in the 1960s. The ragdolls are more prevalent in the United Kingdom and America. Ragdolls kittens are termed as “dog-like cats” or “puppy-like cats” because their behaviour resembles dogs. They are loyal. The ragdolls weigh ranges from fifteen to ten pounds. Their males are heavier as compared to females. They have a variety of fur colours. It includes blue, brown, and red. They never get in fights. They are excellent pet choices for your family and household. They also do not require much grooming. Ragdolls cats enjoy playing.

If you want a Ragdoll kitten, you must first learn to take care of it. Here are some excellent tips and suggestions. These tips will undoubtedly help you to take care of your feline.


Ragdolls love human attention. Unlike other cat breeds, they love the company. If you leave them alone, they can get quite upset. Like dogs, they become stressed when left isolated. Take a time out and play with Cat. This activity will make your kitty happy. Be attentive to her needs, cuddle her.

Preparing Your House

Before the arrival of Ragdoll, makes sure, your home is kitten proof. Get rid of all poisonous and harmful materials. Remove toxic plants from the garden. Make a “cat zone” for the safety of your cat. Keep the cat away from the kitchen, especially during cooking. House train your kitty. Sometimes they get into washing machines and dryers. Be sure to check them to avoid accidents.

Train them on how to use litter trays, so they don’t mess up your lawn and carpets. They are good learners. Decide on “house rules” as well. Teach the cat to follow those rules. Ragdolls get along well with other pets, as well. So don’t have to worry about other pets.


Ragdolls need grooming. Their long furs require special care from your part. It is often recommended to groom your kitten once a week or twice if needed. Grooming also helps you to bond with the kitten. Check them for any illness. Bathing is not necessary for every session. Brush the cat coats to prevent shedding and tangles.


Feeding ragdoll is also essential. It helps the cat to grow. Give a high-calorie diet to your cat. Make sure to include protein in the diet, as well. However, avoid grain food items. Give clean and fresh water to your cat. Maintain proper hygiene. Set an appropriate timetable for meals. Cats love feeding. Feeding is another way for you to develop a healthy relationship with your feline.


Ragdoll kitties love to play with toys. They enjoy it and have fun. Toys are a great source of enjoyment for felines. The ball is one such toy. You can throw a ball and ask the cat to pick the ball. Cats love to run for it. This physical activity also makes them active. They can also get more exercise through this activity.


Ragdolls are low, maintaining pets. But that does not mean it requires less care. You must know that they need your attention and love. Investing in them requires dedication from you. You must have a budget plan out for them before buying. Count every factor before you decide to get one.


Shedding is another thing to keep in mind before buying Ragdolls. Many online sources claim ragdolls do not shed their furs. It is not accurate. Many ragdolls do shed their coats. It also depends upon climate. If you are living in cold and moderate temperatures, they do not shed at all. But it is not correct for hot regions.

Reputed Buyer

When searching for ragdolls, beware of scammers. Do proper research before you get one. Try someone you already know. If you do not know, ask around before you make a purchase. It is better if the breeder is registered. Make sure you find a reputed dealer. You must steer clear from scammers and fraudulent dealers.

Vet checks

Your ragdolls need a weekly visit to the vet. It will ensure your cat healthy growth. Vaccination is also crucial. Make sure your pet gets all the injections. Ragdolls are prone to diseases. The vaccination is a proper way to protect them from viruses. It also protects your pets and cats from serious health issues. Ragdolls are especially vulnerable to kidney and urinary problems. These issues can be detected at early stages by their check-up.

Keeping them safe outdoors

They are specifically indoor cats. They are not good at protecting themselves. Due to their non-aggressive nature, other animals can injure them in combat. Take them outside under your supervision. They have trusting instincts, which makes them prone to animal attacks. The fights with other pets can hurt your feline badly.

A Ragdoll as Family Pet

Ragdolls are excellent family pets. They are the best option for pets among all cat breeds. Ragdolls also make a perfect companion. The bonding process can take some time. Once they get attached to you, they are a lovely addition to your family. They enjoy companionship. They want an owner that cares and show kindness. They are also friendly with other pets and dogs.

Final Thoughts

Ragdolls are adorable pets. Once you adopt them, make sure they stay healthy and secure. They will require time and effort. Keep them out of harm’s way. Ragdolls are intelligent pets. You must also train them. Teach them basic. Remember never to leave them alone. If you tend to stay outside your house for more than four to five hours, you should not get a ragdoll kitten.

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