Preparing Your Home For Your New Puppy

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The thought of bring a new puppy home can be exciting but it might quickly become a bad experience if you don’t prepare for the homecoming. There are a few things you need to put in place before the new addition to the family arrives, and here are the key points that can set him up for success in his new life with you.

Prepare your house

Just like you’d do with a new baby, it’s critical to pet-proof your home before the arrival of a new puppy. There are many hazards in your home that you won’t spot until you get down on your hands and knees so you can view each room from your pet’s eye level. Once you identify anything that could be potentially dangerous to your new pet, keep them out of reach. That also includes toxic food like onions, garlic, chocolates and more.

Stock up on the right supplies

Your new puppy will need a number of items and you might want to get them now to prevent many mad dashes to the store later. Here’s a new puppy checklist of things you’d need to get:

  • Crate
  • Food and water bowls
  • Collar and leash
  • Bed
  • Food and treats
  • Travel crate or soft-sided carrier
  • Toys, especially chew toys

Be sure to do your research to find out the right food and feeding schedule that’s ideal for your dog.

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First visit at the vet.


Find a veterinarian

Your puppy will need to visit the veterinarian a couple of days or weeks after you bring him home, so do your research and find a vet in the area. As you might know, a puppy needs to be wormed every two weeks until he’s 12 weeks old. Finding a vet ahead of your new pet’s arrival will help you make proper arrangement with the vet about the vaccination schedule. Moreover, you will also want to get in touch with a veterinarian when your new dog gets into a situation that’s potentially harmful.

Get an ID

An ID can be super helpful when your puppy gets lost as it will send a message to whoever finds him that he’s not a stray. An ID tag typically carries your dog’s name and your contact information so the Good Samaritan can return him to you. Get a collar along with an ID tag or you can even ask your vet about a microchip.

Find a training class

An excellent way to make your puppy a well-behaved canine companion is by signing up to training classes. A group obedience class teaches puppies to interact with other dogs and helps them to become comfortable around people and other canines. Additionally, you will equally receive some good tips on puppy care as well as how to communicate with your new pet.

Plan the trip home

Puppies that have never been in a car ride may get nervous on the trip and this could turn into a lasting phobia of travelling. It’s always best to ask someone to come along in the car when it’s your puppy’s homecoming day. The helper should sit by the puppy to aid keep him calm throughout the journey.

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Adopting a puppy will go smoothly if you anticipate his arrival and make adequate preparations that can make your dream of having a doggy pal come true.  The above tips can help you and your new puppy start living together on a bright note.

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