Six Reasons Why Rat and Mice Make Great Pets

Mice on children hand

Are you in search of an unusual pet for your kids? Then your best option will be to opt for a mouse or a rat. Although this might sound strange to most pet lovers; however, mouse and rats make excellent pets, they are lovely companion available at pet stores nationwide.

Mice and rats are also intelligent little creatures that are easy to handle and fun to be with. They are ideal for children because they require little supervision, and they don’t bite when handled correctly.

Dumbo Rat

Here are six reasons why mice and rats are great pets for you.

  • Fun to be with: Rat and mice are interactive and affectionate; they love to be seen with their owner while watching TV, taking a snack or a nap. These types of pets are perfect for pet lovers looking for pets that are responsive at all times.
  • They are smart: Rat and mice are super smart, and that is why they have been used in psychological testing for decades. They are intelligent and can be trained to do anything, including solving puzzles with kids and performing tricks. They are indeed perfect for pet lovers who want pets that are ready to learn new things.
  • They are neat: Although some people may disagree with this point, the fact remains that rat and mice are super clean. They don’t even want their beddings to be soiled, and they can be trained to use the litter box. They groom themselves in their cage to prevent getting dirty, and they love to have their food stockpiled neatly.
  • They are very quiet: Rat and mice can successfully hide in a room without been detected because they are super quiet.  
  • They don’t require much space: Rat and mice are tiny pets that do not take up much space to raise. Just with a two cubic cage, you can have them housed together. However, an appropriately seized cage with multi-levels helps to promote better exercise for cats and rats. Therefore, these pets are perfect for pet lovers who have a small home.
  • They are easy to care for: Mice and Rats are quite easy to care for when compared to other pets like dogs and cats. They live in a small cage with beddings shredded on them. They need water to get refreshed daily and easily accessible food bowls. However, high salty, sugary, and fatty foods must be avoided when feeding these pets. They also require different shaped wooden toys to chew in order to keep them engaged. 


Rat and mice are perfect pet for pet lovers interested in having super-intelligent and adorable pets that are fun to be with and easy to take care of.

Rat with girl

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