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Birds are becoming a popular choice among potential pet owners due to their friendliness, attractive looks, and loyalty. When it comes to choosing a pet bird, it’s always best to ask to get recommendations from pet owners while also considering their traits. We surveyed the top 10 best pet birds, and here are the results. 




This bird species ranked top on the survey with 23 percent of the votes. It is an affectionate pet, relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain, making it a favorite for both beginners and bird keepers. Cockatiels don’t need lots of attention, but they do appreciate the regular time spent socializing with them.



African Grey Parrots 

There are two subspecies of this breed: the timneh African grey and the Congo African grey. Both subspecies have a quiet nature and are highly intelligent. If you want a pet bird that will astonish you by answering your questions, give you cuddles when you’re sad and doesn’t cost much to raise, this breed makes a great choice. 




Also known as parakeets or budgies, Budgerigars are notable for their willingness to learn to talk, playfulness and their affectionate nature. They don’t take up much space due to their little size and can learn to perform many bird tricks. 





Coming fourth on the list are the cockatoos which are known to love human company and tend to form an emotional bond with their owners. They’re larger birds, expensive to maintain, love to cuddle and can become depressed if they aren’t given enough attention. 



Although there are about a dozen varieties of conures to pick from, the green-cheeked variety is an ideal choice for beginner bird owners. They’re inexpensive, love human company and quiet, except for alarm calls. 

Green Cheek Conure
Blue and yellow macaw parrot on white background.






Macaws are one of the best pets you will like to keep with pride. They’re sweet, smart and friendly with a number of people. They can be expensive to feed and keep clean, but they’re well worth it. There are a few varieties of macaws, but all are equally popular. 


These small African parrots are an easy-going bunch, but Senegals were the most favored variety in the survey. They’re small-sized and aren’t the best talkers, but you can easily train them to do a lot of tricks than other bird species. They have affectionate personalities and will bond with their owners quickly. 

Amazon Parrots 

They’re a little bigger but have charming personalities and affectionate natures. They can talk more words than African Grey Parrots and are less demanding. This breed can be very smart, so they need a lot of structured socialization and lots of toys. 

Quaker Parrots 

These birds are great for beginners and typically grow up to be totally affectionate if you take care of them nicely. However, they are illegal to own in several states because they’re considered a threat to native agriculture. Nonetheless, they’re worth owning if they’re legal in your area. 

Poinus Parrots

The last pet bird on the list are the Poinus parrots, a specie that’s not as flashy as other parrots, People often remember them as amazingly sweet, easy to care for and with a mellow temper. They’re indeed very beautiful and make great apartment birds. 

group of birds


Overall, these birds can be amazing companions if they’re well-taken care off. However, be sure to do a little research to know all the critical information before choosing your pet bird. 

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