What Questions Should You Ask the Breeder Before Choosing a Puppy?

Once you have decided that you are ready to buy a puppy, many questions might or might not come into your mind.

You will have to do some research about the kind of breed you should choose for you, and you will have to do some detective work to assess the breeder and the puppy. After all, this is a massive investment to buy a puppy, and you have to make sure that you are buying a happy and healthy dog from a good breeder.

You should always arrange a visit by yourself after a phone call. Keep in mind to make the first visit on your own, bringing the kids along to visit may not be the  right choice because you will not be able to say no if your children love the puppy.

What question should I ask?

To make sure that you are ready, we have 14 questions that you must ask your puppy breeder before you confirm the deal.

How old are the puppies?

It might look like a stupid question to ask, but you have to make sure that the puppies are between 3 to 12 weeks old. If puppies are younger than three weeks, the breeder should not be accepting visits from possible buyers.

Are you able to see the puppy with its dad and mum?

You will not always be able to meet the puppy with its dad; however, it is essential to see the puppy with its mother. You have to notice the temperament of the mother and the puppy and how they both are interacting. Is mother caring or aggressive? Is the puppy docile or hyperactive? Your decision will be affected by the answers to these questions

Are you able to see and handle the full litter?

Usually, the average litter is between 5-6 puppies. With the help of a few balls, it becomes easier for you to notice whether all of the puppies are identical, health, and size. You will also be able to note how they are interacting with you and other dogs.

Are puppies weaned?

The puppies are fully weaned at seven weeks. So, if puppies are not fully weaned, it can be a sign that breeder is lying and they are younger.

What kind of social experiences have the puppies had so far?

The majority of the modern breeders make sure that every puppy has had sufficient interaction with their puppy siblings and people before they are sold. They might also be teaching them common commands like “Down” or “No.” Although, puppies shouldn’t have been in interaction with other dogs except for the family or walked outside their home.

What kind of feed should I feed to the puppy and do you have a diet plan to follow?

You should always ask what feed is puppies are being fed because in case you decide on buying them, it is the best thing to follow a similar diet for the first few days in your home. Many breeders also have a diet sheet that they follow. You must ask for the diet sheet to help you understand how much and when to feed.

When can I take the puppy home with me?

Puppies must not leave their mums before eight weeks as separation can severely affect their growth. A lot of breeders will allow you to take the puppy home after eight weeks with their mums, but a few breeders insist on keeping them for 12 weeks.

What kind of vaccinations puppy had and how many doses were given?

Puppies are treated with vaccinations during the first 6 to 9 weeks old and one more dose at 10 to 12 weeks old. If you want to take the puppy with you at eight weeks old, you must recognize the vaccinations they must have before go and explore the local part or any other place.

Has the puppy received any other kind of treatment or not?

Just like the vaccinations, around the same period, the puppies must be treated for fleas and worms. All of the puppies are born with worms, and worming is essential.

Does the breeder have any health certificate of the parents?

Some dogs have conditions that can be passed on their offsprings. You should always check the health certificates to be sure that there are no problems that you have to worry about.

Is it possible to return the puppy in case of any severe disease?

People usually ignore this question, but you shouldn’t. We always hope that this won’t be the case, but for any cause, you notice signs of a severe disease of some weeks, your breeder should agree to offer you a refund.


From April 2016 all puppies must be microchipped and registered to the breeder before the sale of the puppies.  A person is considered to be a ‘breeder’ if they are the owner of a dog which gives birth, whether or not they carry on a business as a breeder of dogs.  Once you have collected your puppy it is your responsibility as the new owner to change the ownership to yourself from the breeder by contacting one of the UK national databases.  Puppies must not be put direct into your name  as the new owner as this is breaking the law.

Is it possible for you to get references from the previous buyers?

If the breeder you have selected is a professional, then you might get a chance to get in contact with past buyers and visit them. By doing this, you get an opportunity to have opinions about the breeder and discuss everything in detail.

Will there be a contract of sale?

All of the reputed breeders provide a contract of sale. The agreement will mention the responsibilities of both the owner and you and also an official document for record-keeping.

Does the breeder place any guarantees or caveats on the sale of the puppies?

Sometimes, a breeder might ask you to have puppy neutered or sprayed, or you might not be able to show the dog. You must know this before you make any decision to avoid disappointment.


A lot of people ask 2 or 3 simple questions, and they regret their decisions later. So, it is always a good idea to ask everything before you make your decision. You shouldn’t miss any of the questions mentioned above, because these questions will decide if the puppy is right for you or not.

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